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Anyone can learn to play the violin, at any age. And the fact is, everyone learns at a different speed, so it's very difficult to tell everyone exactly how long it will take them to learn the violin.

 Your learning speed depends on how much you practice. If yo...

The cello is a bowed string instrument, which is also known as violoncello. A person who plays a cello is called a cellist or a violoncellist. In order to become a better cellist, here's some few tips


Your cello should be dusted off once a week, or ju...

May 17, 2019

Varnish is like the living skin of an instrument and is an integral part of its structure and identity. It protects the wood from moisture, abrasion and dirt and so needs to be treated with care and respect. Handle your cello by the neck wherever possible to avoid touc...

The bow should always be straight. The bow should feel comfortable in your hand. Gradually your bow hair does wear out.  The hank of selected hairs is then bound together and held into each end of the bow with wedges to form an even ribbon of hair. This is a very skill...

提琴一般的壽命最多可以到三百年. 如果保養得宜 還有可能再長一些。通常一把琴可以被五至六代职业演奏家使用,这之后木材老化造成琴板强度降低,薄薄的琴板无法抵抗来自琴弦的压力,结构的变形直接影响到发音,这 把琴就不能再用了。  


如果平常不常使用提琴的話, 至少半年要拿出來保養擦拭一次, 保养擦拭琴的时候請小心,動作不要過大,最好不要将琴水平放置擦拭,以免将琴柱弄倒.


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