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Manson Luk

Drum Teacher


Manson fell in love with the Drum set during his senior years at Sydney Boys High School. After only two years of training, Manson graduated with a Band 6 in Music 2, and a 49/50 in Music Extension. He received his degree in Jazz Performance (Drums) with Honours Acceptance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. 


Manson is a performing musician who leads and participates in numerous Sydney based Musical Ensembles and has been also selected to perform at national events such as VIVID and has performed for Herbie Hancock in the Sydney Opera House Jazz Education Day 2019. 


Throughout his journey as a drummer, Manson has had the opportunity to work and study under a variety of renowned drummers such as Steve Lamante, Andrew Dickeson, Simon Barker, James Waples and Alex Inman Hislop. This has allowed him to learn and appreciate different schools of thought in music pedagogy. 


As a result, Manson has 5 years of teaching experience teaching students of all age levels and skill levels. These includes early primary school children, high school students training for a bachelor's degree in music performance and adults. He also produces unique pedagogy methods that cater specifically to the student to achieve their own personal goals, and to push them to strive so that these goals may be great. Most importantly, Manson strives for his students to develop a great passion and ambition for rhythm, and to find their own identity in music. 

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