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Quang Hong Luu

Piano Teacher


Quang Hong Luu, a distinguished pianist from Vietnam and Australia, is renowned for his skill, creativity, and stage presence, receiving acclaim from prominent musicians like Dang Thai Son and Paul Carasco. Educated at the Vietnam National Academy of Music, in Australia, and the University of Montreal, Quang has won numerous awards, including the Lev Vlassenko competition, and has gained international recognition through performances and collaborations, notably with orchestras in Southern France and Dang Thai Son. He records under the Master Performers label and is committed to music education, teaching in Sydney and leading initiatives in Vietnam to support young talent, including founding a performing studio in Hanoi with his brother. Recognized for his significant contributions to the arts with the Labour Medal 3rd class.

This piano teacher's extraordinary teaching style, deeply admired by his students, blends his broad musical knowledge with an exceptional ability to convey the sensations of music through compelling language. Whether delving into classical theory or modern techniques, he simplifies complex concepts into vivid, understandable examples, making music not just heard but felt. His emotive performances and detailed explanations not only impart technical skills but also guide students to explore music's depths, encouraging them to use it as a medium for expression and deep reflection. His approach, which combines artistic expression with soulful communion, is truly commendable for its ability to inspire both understanding and passion for music.

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