​Sarah Sung

Violin Teacher

Sarah is a Korean-Australian violin and viola teacher. She graduated from the Juilliard School in America with the Music degree. She has achieved her Associate of Music and Licentiate of Music in both the violin and viola by 2013. Sarah won the Multiples Section of the Ku-Ring-Gai Concerto Competition, Strings Section of the Inaugural Australian Music Festival Competition, was selected as soloist for the HSC Encore Concert at Sydney Opera House, and was a finalist of the Young Virtuoso Award, 2MBSFM. Sarah takes music beyond the stages of Carnegie Hall and the Sydney Opera House, traveling globally to diverse and marginalised communities since the age of eight.

For the past 5 years, she has mentored students ranging from beginners to college entry level, helping students achieve Music Scholarships across schools in Sydney, and bringing excellent results in AMEB exams. Most importantly, she inspires students to fall in love with the beauty and importance of music. 

“As music education is such an imperative factor of life in which one is able to develop self-discipline, create beauty, and learn to express in a secret yet universal language, I seek to encourage my students to view music as something beyond mere notes. In addition to the fundamentals and technical basics, I challenge my students to find deeper meaning and nuances within the music, and encourage them to see the power of the arts in today’s society. By deconstructing, story-telling and using analogies as I teach, students and I are able to share cultures, ideas and traditions. The more I teach, the more I am learning about and including the narratives of the art that my students produce. This rapport is special because music has no boundaries or limitations, and I am willing to create and share this with all.

Within the safe space of honest learning, I hope to build meaningful relationships with students of diverse backgrounds with one common factor - the passion for music. By seeing the motivation of the students to practice and learn further, as well as the development of ideas and curiosity that are discussed in lessons, I will be able to ensure that my teaching strategy that is tailored to each student differently, is leading to improvement. I believe all students are capable of growth in every different way, and I am willing to continue to inspire, encourage, and challenge each individual to find meaning not only through music, but within themselves also.”

0415 069 678

Suite 10, 301 Castlereagh Street, Sydney, NSW,  2000, Australia

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