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Winnie Lam

Piano Teacher

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Wing Yi Lam graduated from the University of Hong Kong (Bachelor of Music) and
attained the Starr scholarship and HKU worldwide exchange scholarship to study
music in Freiburg Universitaet (Germany). After returning to Hong Kong, she pursued
her further study in Master of Music (Piano Pedagogy) from the Hong Kong Baptist
University. She studied her major instrument piano under the guidance of Mr. Franz
Johnston (England) and Frau Moira Muschalla (Germany). She was awarded the
Licentiate of the Royal Schools of Music (LRSM) and the Licentiate of Trinity College
of London (LTCL) in piano performance. In 2018 she achieved the Certificate in
playgroup tutor training (HKFYG) and Certificate of Occupational Competence (Early
Childhood Tutor, China).

She has performed as a piano soloist in the Bluecoat School choir tour in Cologne,
Bonn (Germany) and in England, and collaborated with different music organizations
like accordions team and HK Yip’s Choir, performing in Hong Kong Cultural Centre, St
John’s Cathedral and City Hall. She also organized recitals for her students every year
since 2011 to provide them a platform for stage experience.

Ms. Lam has been actively working in the education field after graduation. She took
part in the research project by HKU music department, specifically in the field
of early 20th century piano music and the left-hand pianist Paul Wittgenstein. After
that she devotes to full-time piano and music teaching. She was also a trained
YAMAHA music playgroup tutor and was an examiner and certificate course tutor in
an international school from 2006-2018. In 2021 she became a college lecturer in
Lingnan University (Hong Kong), teaching adults music appreciation, Chinese operas
and Western Operas and music history. Her teaching style is informative, practical
and passionate. She believes that music not only serves as a leisure activity but can
be a powerful tool for enlightenment and building up positive characters. With over
15 years of teaching experience to all ages, and from classical to contemporary style,
she is highly regarded from students and schools in the past.

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