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Alina (Yuhan) Xie

Violin/Viola Teacher


Alina began learning the violin at the age of 5 and earned both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. With over five years of teaching experience, Alina approaches music and music education with humility and sincerity. She has discovered that teaching violin not only allows her to impart musical knowledge but also to learn from her students about the philosophy of music and life, emphasizing simplicity, freedom, and kindness.

Alina is known for her kindness and encouragement, yet she maintains high standards for her students, many of whom have achieved excellent results in exams, performances, and competitions.

As a performer, Alina seeks to express the deepest truths of her being on stage, conveying emotions and stories that words cannot capture. As a teacher, she is endlessly curious and motivated, constantly pursuing new knowledge and encouraging her students to think independently.

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