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Instruments Tryout In One Go

Interested in discovering which instrument suits you or your child?

Do you want to assess if your child is ready to start private music lessons?

Dive into the world of music with our specially designed "Instruments Tryout" program, perfect for those eager to explore a variety of musical instruments in a single session, making it an ideal starting point for aspiring musicians.

  • Who It's For:

    • Young Learners: Specially curated to ignite the musical curiosity of young minds.

    • Adults: A wonderful opportunity for adults to explore their musical interests or rediscover their passion for music.

  • During the session, parents can observe and understand several key aspects of their child's interaction with music:

    • Natural Interest: Witness firsthand which instrument captivates your child's attention and enthusiasm. 

    • Emotional and Social Readiness: See how your child engages in a structured learning environment if they are comfortable in such settings, and how they respond to instructions. It's an excellent way to gauge their readiness to embark on more formal music lessons.

    • Physical Aptitude: Each child's physical readiness, including finger strength, fine motor skills, and overall coordination, is crucial for playing an instrument effectively. Our program allows you to see if any areas may need development.

    • Musicality: Discover if your child has a keen ear for music, a sense of rhythm, and an overall musicality that could be nurtured into a more profound skill and passion.

instruments tryout.jpg


Try your hand at the violin and explore the world of string instruments, known for its expressive and soulful sounds.

try instruments IN ONE GO .jpeg


Unleash your rhythm with the drums, and feel the beat as you learn the basics of percussion.

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Experience the classic sounds and versatility of the piano, perfect for those drawn to melody and harmony.




Discover the cheerful and soothing strums of the ukulele, a favorite for its simplicity and pleasant sound.




Delve into the rich, deep tones of the cello, offering a unique blend of melody and rhythm.


Our "Instruments Tryout" program is not just about trying different instruments; it's a valuable observational tool to assess readiness and interest in pursuing music further. Join us to unlock the door to an enriching musical journey and pave the way for a fulfilling music education.

Private Session:

  • Based on request, 7 days a week

  • 45 minutes each session, any selection of these 5 instruments

  • $107 (per student and up to 2 parents)

Small Group Session (1-2 children for every instrument):

  • Dates to be announced

  • Up to 60 minutes depending on the child

  • $45 (per student and 1 parent)

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