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FAQ for Violin Lesson

【Frequently Asked Question - Violin Lesson】

When is the best age to start violin lessons?

You can start leaning violin at any age! The youngest learner in Master Piano Institute is 4 years old. And do also you are never too old to learn! So we welcome students of any age to enrol in our violin lessons.

How much practice does the violin require?

It is ideally to practice every single day. The more consistent your practice is, the more progress you can make, and the easier it becomes to play the violin.

What do I need to play the violin?

Apart from the violin itself and the bow, it's neccessary to have a shoulder rest attaches to the back of the violin and helps to hold the violin up whilst playing. It is important to find a shoulder rest that fits your body so that you maintain good posture as you play.

Rosin is also an important accessory, rosin is used on the bow and allows for the bow to grip the strings of the violin.

How often do violin strings need to be changed?

This will depend on how often you play. Generally every 6 months is a good amount of time to wait until changing strings. If you are an avid violinist and like to practice for over an hour a day you may find that your strings will need to be changed after 3 or 4 months. Over time the strings lose their vibrancy and it actually becomes harder to play in tune. Other signs to look out for are discoloured or unraveling strings. These are definitely signs it is time to change your strings!

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