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Piano Teacher 


Angela graduated with two degrees from the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music, Bachelor of Music Studies, and Graduate Diploma of Pedagogy. She is a recipient of the International Merit Scholarship at the University of Sydney Conservatorium of Music and Musik Meisterkurse Diplom in Vienna Austria under professor Hans Kann, as well as has been awarded an Honorable Mention Award for Classical Sonata and an Honorable Mention Award for Kasidis & Winston prize of Adelaide Eisteddfod.

Angela had the privilege of composing film scores and directing music of "What a wonderful Chef", an Independent movie that was submitted to the film festival. Besides, she has been working as a piano teacher and performer for over 18 years and has numerous arrangements of music in a variety of styles, and produces piano pedagogy method materials. She is a dedicated piano teacher who has given lessons to numerous students from beginners to A.Mus. All her students who attended exams have achieved successful results and are satisfied with the learning process. She carefully guides her students to develop technical and musical aspects whether they are playing for fun or aiming for exams and auditions. Angela is very passionate about music teaching and she makes lessons engaging and enthusiastic.

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