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Elen Rapoport

Piano Teacher

Elen Rapoport.jpg

Elen Rapoport is a wonderful Russian-born concert pianist who lives in Sydney, Australia. She is also an inspiring and a dedicated music teacher and an original artist.


Elen graduated from the Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory. Her playing is always full of passion and charisma that almost burned up the keyboard. Meanwhile, her extraordinary bravura playing has perfect technical control, clarity, and remarkably vivid light.


She has over 32 years of teaching experience and has trained many young and aspiring pianists during her life and has performed at many concerts, including numerous charity ones. She has performed at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, The Sydney Opera House, as well as various music venues across Australia, New Zealand and Europe. 


Elen composites and improvises all the time and she has been a musician at the Playback improvisation theater where the audience's stories come to life with dramatic acting and music.  And she has been doing music therapy, working with disabled children.

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