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This is what you will be able to play after a short period of learning.

If you are a Complete Beginner, this will be your 1st lesson:

After your 3rd lesson, you will be able to read musical notation. 

At the same time, you can also learn  popular keyboard skills like:
song piano accompaniment which is perfect for playing along with most popular songs.

2-4 Months  to master many famous solo pieces (beginning level).  For example: Edelweiss, Silent night, Love me tender, Fur Elise (arranged version), Lean on Me, Amazing Grace, and more...

Within 4-12 Months, many adult students can start playing Grade 1 - 2 pieces. This would normally take a child 1-2 years to achieve. And there are so many other things you can do besides playing a piece from reading the music, such as playing with your partner or composing your own piece of music...

Average adult students take only 1-3 years to achieve Grade 3-5 (if on a regular practice schedule). This is the level at which you can play the moderately difficult pieces as shown, and be able to create music, accompany singers and entertain your family:) Besides all these pieces listed below, you can also pick any of your favorites to learn.

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