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How long does it take to learn VIOLIN?

Anyone can learn to play the violin, at any age. And the fact is, everyone learns at a different speed, so it's very difficult to tell everyone exactly how long it will take them to learn the violin.

Your learning speed depends on how much you practice. If you would like to become a great violinists, you’ll have to commit to many years of hard work. Learning is a lifelong journey, a musician is always learning. That's why no matter how long you've learnt violin there’s always new ways to play, new techniques to master, and new instruments to learn.

Everyone learns differently. Some people benefit from hands-on activities, while other incorporate information better through reading or listening.

In your first month, you’ll start with the basics. You’ll learn the parts of your violin and proper care.

In second month, you’ll continue to develop basic skills, and you’ll become more comfortable holding your violin and bow.

In three to six month, you can now start to play some simple songs you recognize.

In one year, you'll be very comfortable with your violin and the range of songs you can play really opens up because you know so many notes and rhythms.

In two to three years, you’ll solidify all the notes in first position, and become comfortable playing in flat keys. Your bowing will become more complex and varied, and you’ll learn about double stops and triplets.

In four or more years, you should be learning about shifting into third position, which opens up the range of the violin, so you can play higher notes. You might also learn how to play with vibrato, which will give you a more sophisticated sound and greater range of musical expression.

In conclusion, the more time you dedicate to practicing the violin, the faster you can increase your skills and learn more music you love to play. And the best way to learn the violin quickly is through private violin lessons with a qualified teacheder.

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