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Founder and Manager


Yichao graduated from Sydney Conservatorium of music with a Bachelor of Music Education. She is devoted to teaching music in a way that is more practical and enjoyable for students, with the goal of enabling them to play piano for their entire life, with special emphasis on adults who learn piano for fun. This is why Master Piano Institute was founded: to be the only one piano school in Sydney where adults make up the majority of students.


Yichao understands why adults want to learn or revisit the piano, so she combines traditional classical methods(for a solid foundation)  with chords and popular music as a practical life-skill. She believe that this is also the best way to learn music theory. Yichao collects great pieces for students of all levels from different books to make sure that the repertoire we have encompass a variety of genres, are good arrangements and sound mature, but are simple to learn. She has also composed several pieces for the purpose of teaching improvisation, which have been successfully performed by many students.


She helps students improvise, compose and transcribe their recording memos and, as a result, her students play classical music expressively, but also have a broad interest in other styles of music, as well as composing and accompanying singers. 

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